With the new Balgonie overpass set to open Monday, July 24, weather permitting, traffic patterns will be altered.

Be advised:

  • Highway 1 eastbound access to Balgonie at Main Street will be closed. All eastbound access to Balgonie will be via the new overpass
  • Temporary lights will be at Highway 364 and Highway 46
  • Stop signs will be at the service road and 364

Until the time of completion, there will be speed reductions, one lane traffic and some confusion. This will be a confusing time for all of us as we learn the roundabouts and getting comfortable with our new surroundings. Once available, we will post informational videos to our website pertaining to the overpass. Please take your time, and be considerate to those who are still learning this new way to get to and from town. Understandably, tempers may flare as the work is proceeding.

Click here to learn more about the Balgonie Roundabouts

As the on and off ramps are being completed, the service road on the west side of town, towards the Baptist Church (behind McIlwaine’s), through to Main street will be the access road while this construction is completed. Traffic from the highway will be detoured through town as per this route. Please ensure you take a few extra minutes on your commute. We ask for your patience, as this will see a heavy amount of traffic come through town.

The construction seems like it has been going on forever, but the end is in sight! The difficulties of today will result in a safer and more efficient traffic corridor.

Please see the maps at the bottom of the page.

Things to keep in mind during this challenging period:

  • Expect delays
  • The reduced speeds are to prevent injuries to workers, and drivers alike
  • If you must use a cell phone, use a hands free device
  • Pay attention for new signage
  • Show respect for those flag people working on the road.

The road construction workers do their part to keep you out of harm’s way from heavy equipment and road hazards. However, they are vulnerable to passing traffic or distracted drivers. There is literally nothing between them and the thousands of pounds of steel in your vehicle. Please, do your part to keep them safe, as they are doing theirs to keep us safe.