Balgonie Community Garage Sale

Balgonie Community Garage Sale will be held on Saturday June 3, 2017  9am-5pm

To register, please contact the Balgonie Library at 306-771-2332.

Packages are $10.00 and can be picked up at the library. Registration deadline is Tuesday May 31, 2017.

Don’t miss out on a chance to sell your junk and buy everyone else’s treasures!

Province-Wide Property Revaluation for 2017

By now, you will have received your Assessment Notice for 2017. This year, all properties in Saskatchewan were reassessed. This adjustment is done every four years and this particular year is bringing the base values up to 2015 values; closer to the amount of what you would receive if you sold your home. SAMA (Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency) is the agency who assesses the Town of Balgonies’ properties.


During budget deliberations, Council took into account the higher assessments. They lowered the mill rate from 7 mils to 5 mils and kept the base tax the same as last year. Council budgeted with only a 1% higher municipal tax levy than 2016 – basically revenue neutral. Revenue neutral is a taxing procedure that allows the government (Council) to still receive the same amount of money in order to run the town efficiently, despite changes in tax laws.

The values on land for the 2017 revaluation changed dramatically, improvements to your property also will have increased your assessment and if your new home was not fully assessed in 2016, it may also have changed the assessment for 2017.

To calculate the property tax, the authority – in this case the Town of Balgonie – multiplies the taxable assessed value by the mill rate and then divides by 1,000. The base tax is then added to that amount and then the same calculation for the school division is added to that.

The Town is ONLY the collector of the school taxes for the division. The Town does not set their mill rate, but we are told by the Provincial Government what the school rate mill rate will be set at.

Please feel free to check out SAMAview for more information on your own property or other residents’ or call the Town office at (306) 771-2284 for any information.

Message from the Regina Bypass Team

Construction set to begin on South Service Road upgrades in Emerald Park

In the coming days, Regina Bypass Design Builders (RBDB) will being work to upgrade the South Service Road near South Country Equipment.  The work will include widening and repaving the road.

During construction, motors can expect short delays due to single lane closures and alternating traffic, access to all businesses will be maintained.  Our traffic control team will be on site controlling the flow of traffic.  Work will continue until mid-May weather permitting.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to improve the safety of the road network in the area over the long term.

For the latest traffic restriction or information related to the Regina Bypass Project, please follow Regina Bypass on Twitter @reginabypass, visit, call our 24-hour contact centre at 1-844-679-4828 or check the Highway Hotline at

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