The Transfer Station is electronically set up and monitored to provide our Town residents with accessibility day and night. The Town of Balgonie offers on site services at the Transfer Station, but has the added responsibility to ensure that environmental regulations are followed. Municipalities can be fined for burning unapproved items and not properly disposing of items set forth by the Ministry of Environment and the Clean Air Act.

The red Loraas Disposal bin is delivered on the first (1st) and third (3rd) Friday of every month. There is no specific time as to when the bin will arrive on these days. IF A RED BIN IS UNAVAILABLE, DO NOT LEAVE ANY ITEMS WHERE THE BIN IS NORMALLY LOCATED. Individuals who leave items which are not permitted will be fined up to $500.00, and will have their Transfer Station card suspended. The card holder will be held accountable for all occurrences at the Transfer Station whether they accessed the Transfer Station themselves or provided their card to another individual.

Be courteous of others! Although a bin may be available, large items and multiple loads take up the entirety of the bin, making it unusable for other residents. If you have multiple large items, please take them to the Regina Landfill. Home builders/developers are not permitted to use the red Loraas Disposal bin and are required to rent their own waste container bins.

Items that may be left at the Transfer Station in their designated areas:

  • Scrap metal
    • Propane tanks are accepted in the scrap metal pile.
    • Please remove the freon from fridges and freezers.
  • Tree branches
    • Absolutely NO treated or painted wood.
  • Compostable materials
    • Bags or boxes containing compostable materials are NOT to be left in the compost area.
  • Oil recycling station
  • Cement

Items that may not be left at the Transfer Station/in the red Loraas Disposal bin:

  • Tires
  • Shingles

Items you are encouraged to recycle at SARCAN:

  • Beverage Containers
  • Batteries
  • Electronics
  • Household Paint
  • Non-Beverage Glass Containers (only accepted at Regina and Saskatoon SARCAN locations)

For more information regarding SARCAN’s recycling programs, visit


Key cards are provided to newly built houses, that are occupied, and new residents, at no charge. However, if a key card is lost, it should be reported to the Town Office immediately. The card(s) will be removed from the system and a new card, if requested, will be provided at a cost of $40.00.

If you are moving, we request that the card be brought to the Town Office prior to vacating your home.