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What is SAMAView and what can it do for you?

SAMAView is a website application that allows the general public access to individual property assessments for all SAMA client jurisdictions. In 2019, SAMA updated SAMAView to increase its speed and performance, and upgrade the technology used to run the system.

SAMA is posting final 2021 Revaluation property assessments on SAMAView so that the data is available to property owners as soon as they receive their new assessment notices. The Agency will be making full use of SAMAView to communicate assessed values for the 2021 Revaluation.

You can access SAMAView by going to SAMA’s website ( and clicking on the SAMAView link. To take advantage of the updated SAMAView application and its features you will need to create a user account. By creating a user account SAMA will be able to better understand what our customers are looking for, improve the application based on your specific feedback and include some potential for personal customization.

Public users, after creating an account and without using credits, will be able to:

  • Browse and search the map;
  • View basic pop-up data on the map;
  • View general property overviews;
  • Compare property assessments; and,
  • Create a list of “favourite” properties for easy access in the future.

What are the Benefits of SAMAView?

With SAMAView you can:

  • Verify your property assessment information;
  • Compare your assessment to similar or neighbouring properties;
  • Let SAMA know about changes to your property; and,
  • Get a general idea of assessed values in your municipality.

SAMAView is intended to be used by all property owners for non-commercial purposes. There is no cost for this service. Usage for any other reason, including business purposes, requires a user to purchase a commercial subscription to use SAMAView.

Additional information and how-to videos can be accessed from the Help section within SAMAView.

For more information please view the website ( or contact your local SAMA office.

SAMAView Information Sheet

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