PDF version of the Incident Report Form

The Town of Balgonie, White Butte RCMP, Community Safety Officers and Greenall High School are working hard to keep our community a safe and inviting place to live and visit!

There will be times throughout the year that incidents are witnessed by the general public and we are urging the general public to report incidents to the Town Office by filling out the attached Incident Report. Specific information will be extremely helpful to assist in issuing tickets and/or the application of disciplinary action.

  • Date and time of the incident.
  • Location of the incident.
  • Description of incident.
  • Description and/or names of persons involved.
  • Description of the vehicle. Make/model/colour/license plate #/other.
  • Pictures and/or videos of the incident.
  • Name and contact information for any follow up.

Please note, complaints regarding driving infractions, illegal activity, etc. should be reported to the RCMP at the White Butte Detachment (306-781-5050) with as much information as possible. If an incident involves a student’s behaviour during the school day, the report should also be made to Greenall High School (306-771-2566).

Important Contact Information
CSO’s and/or Town of Balgonie: 306-771-2284
White Butte RCMP: 306-781-5050
Greenall High School: 306-771-2566

    Date of Incident:

    Time of Incident:

    Location of incident:

    Description of incident:

    Description of persons involved:

    Vehicle Make:



    License Plate:


    Do you have video or pictures to support the report?

    Have you reported this to the RCMP?

    If this is a school related issue, have you reported this to Greenall High School?

    Name of person reporting the incident:




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