The Government of Saskatchewan is mandating a proof of vaccination requirement for many different forms of public access on October 1st, 2021. The following addresses the measures that will impact patrons of the Arena.

At the Town of Balgonie Arena, masks will continue to be required for all people entering the facility.

Masks are required for everyone and can only be removed in the following circumstances:

  • While eating/drinking if a person is fully vaccinated.
  • On-ice participants under 18 years of age, for the duration of the sport only.
  • On-ice participants over 18 years of age if that participant can demonstrate they are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 for the duration of the sport only.

Each team or organization using the facility is responsible for ensuring that their team and spectators are aware and following the Public Health Order.

For anyone wishing to watch the live steam of a game has the option to view games on the “Live Barn” app.

Please note that each league or Provincial sport association may have additional requirements that exceed the ones listed above.

As new information is provided to us and reviewed, the Town will update the public.

Arena Public Health Orders