In an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, the Town of Balgonie is taking measures to support the Province of Saskatchewan’s health orders. The situation is changing rapidly and updates will be posted on the Town’s website and the Town’s Facebook page.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our local community of Balgonie, Town Council has made its response to the crisis in the following ways:

  • Recreation and culture facilities are closed to the public until further notice.
  • Playground structures are not open to use by the public until further notice.
  • Town Council meetings will be held keeping with current social distancing recommendation and the orders pertaining to attendance at meetings. At this time, the public is asked to attend remotely if you wish to participate or attend a Council Meeting. Please call our office at 306-771-2284 or email [email protected]. We will discuss your options for attending by telephone or video conference.
  • The Town of Balgonie has made arrangements to ensure that the Town’s essential services continue: Water, Sewer, Transportation Services, Sanitation, Protective Services and Administration. Staff and Council are practicing social distancing, rotating schedules, virtual access and separation of employees at work sites.
  • The Town office while closed to public access is still operating daily, Monday to Friday. The telephone and emails will be answered by staff. Payments will be accepted via on-line banking, cheque, or credit card by using the Plastiq “Pay Now” option on the Town’s website at If you require your account number, please contact our office. The front lobby doors will be open during business hours for anyone wishing to drop off cheques under the office door.
  • The Town Council of Balgonie has implemented discontinuation of interest and penalties on outstanding taxes and utility accounts for a period of six months. No utility accounts will be disconnected during this time period. The Town of Balgonie understands that at this time, households may be struggling to make full payments and this cancellation of interest penalties will help reduce the strain. Although utility account payments may be made for the amount and frequency which you decide, the Town appreciates the payments that are made by the due date. Interest will resume on accounts at the end of six months and will apply to the total overdue balances at that time. If you require further information on your accounts and interest penalties, please contact our office staff for assistance.

These are trying and uncertain times for our Community, Province and World. It is apparent that this crisis has impacted everyone and there will be difficult challenges ahead. The Town Council wants to commend all of the efforts that are being made in the community to protect our citizens. Your efforts to social distance and isolate from others, when required, is key to fighting the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Balgonie is continuing to show its strength and heart through the many efforts and good deeds of family, neighbours, community groups, and volunteers.

On behalf of Council,
Karen Craigie,

April 1, 2020 Message from Council